Information about «Sunny circle»

We have been working in the central district of Moscow – Hamovniki – for 10 years. “Sunny Circle” has 2 main subdivisions: ful-time groups for 28 children from 3 to 7 years old, and leisure center which is attended by 150 children including toddlers, primary school pupils and teenagers.

Why parents prefer our Centre of education and upbringing for chuldren? The most attractive advantages are: staying for 12 hours a day, small groups of 14 children, individual approach to every child, homely happy atmosphere, friendly and qualified staff, balanced meals 5 times a day, additional studies, various leisure activities, weekend Saturday groups, summer holiday groups.

Children of different nationalities from Germany, Japan, Korea, France, Montenegro and other countries attend our Centre. Our pedagogues tell them about traditions and customs of various nationalities and teach them tolerance.

“Sunny Circle” organizes its activity according to the needs of the parents. They know everything about life of their sons and daughters in our Centre. They can receive information from information boards, by e-mail and through talking to pedagogues. Parents can meet every teacher and members of the administration including headmistress whenever they want. We do believe that mothers and fathers are the most important people for their children and we are only their partners and assistants. That is why we pay much attention to establishing a friendly and trusting relationship with them.

The main areas of our activity are:

  • development of creative abilities of the children;
  • physical training and health care
  • preparation for school for children from 5 years old.

We are glad to offer you following activities:

  • chess
  • dancing
  • theatre (drama)
  • foreign languages
  • art
  • tennis
  • fitness, yoga
  • music

Children have interesting leisure time in our Centre: birthday celebrations, festivals, performances with professional actors, excursions to museums and theatres, sport competitions and so on.

Our ful-time groups are small-numbered. That's why our staff can pay attention to every child. Due to this work the children's need in socializing with adults is quite satisfied. We teach our children to like sport and healthy life, to eat healthy food.

We have also a short-term group. Now it is attended by 20 children from 3 to 5 years old. They have activities in the morning from 10 to 13 o'clock 3 or 5 times a week. The subjects are: math, Russian, literature, music, physical culture, art, theatre, English – as in the full-term groups. They also have time to play with each other and to spend time in the fresh air at the Centre's playground.

Since 2008 we have been successfully cooperating with Radijojo World Children Radio Network, which unites children's mass media, including children's radio, and children from 104 countries of the world in order to develop their creativity, to encourage them to take part in cultural projects and to socialize with each other for unification peoples of the world and establishing peace on the planet. The results of the cooperation are as follows: radio shows, online art and photo exhibitions, correspondence with children from Berlin Cosmopolitan School, talking via Skype, sending our pictures, songs and poems written by our children.

We carry out very interesting projects. One of them is Children's play city. Children «play» adults' role situations, find out characteristics of life in the modern society, learn to act accordingly.

Another project is Children's laboratory. Children also become interested in Children's laboratory classes, where they study Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Biology basics and where they are allowed to take part in the experiments on their own.

We make very interesting programs for our leavers. Every April they come to us to meet their friends, with whom they share school news, play and dance together, have a tea-party with their parents. Our first leavers now are teenagers. They also visit us and have a nice time here.

«Sunny Circle» is an active participant of many art and dancing festivals, sports competitions that are held in Moscow and in our district. We are awarded commendations by Central district administration in education, district council, Hamovniki district municipality, prefecture of central administrative region for prize-winning places.

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